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Foton Series Tractor Export Dept.
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About us

Our production base is a large joint-stock enterprise with the manufacturing of large industrial equipments as its core business. Its main production is composed of 3 segments of engineering machinery, agricultural equipments and vehicles. The company employs close to 10,000 staff member and workers and its total assets amount to RMB 4 billion yuan. In 2007 its sale revenue reached 9.5 billion yuan and the company was thus put on the list of Top 500 Enterprises of China and Top 200 Manufacturers of China. The leading products of the company were selected and listed as the Brand Products of China, State Products Exempted from Customs Inspection and Famous Trade Mark Products of China, and were entitled the Most Competitive Brand by the Ministry of Commerce of China.

We are authorized as a dealer and Leading exporter of China Foton Tractors.

We work closely with our production base to offer quick delivery and quality service to our customers. We can help you stock a parts warehouse with quality factory parts for dealer service after the sale.

If you are a distributor or dealer, please ask about our program to help build a parts warehouse for your company . We have a close relationship with these factories and can supply mixed product shipping if necessary.

Tell us what you need and then we will try our best to supply you with high quality goods with best price and good service.We would like to establish a lasting business relationship with you.

Company Details

  Product Category
TE25 Foton Tractor(20-32hp)  |  TB40 Foton Tractor(35-60hp)  |  TA60 Foton Tractor(60-80hp)  |  TD80 Foton Tractor(82-90hp)  |  TF100 Foton Tractor(105-125hp)  |  TG125 Foton Tractor(125-145hp)  |  

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