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Foton Series Tractor Export Dept.
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TD824 Tractor(FT824 Tractor|Foton824 Tractor ) 4WD 82HP

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TD824 Tractor(FT824 Tractor|Foton824 Tractor ) 4WD 82HP

With engine power 82hp/60.3kw @ 2400rpm, 4-cylinder type, 4x4 drive type, PTO power 54kw @ 2400rpm
Its E-Mark, EPA and Gost certified models available
Perkins engine available

Foton Tractor|Lovol Tractor(TD824 Tractor|FT824 Tractor|Foton824 Tractor)

This model is designed for farm works, transport,soil engineering works.

01. Streamlined, luxurious and fashionable overall appearance.
02. Humanized designing of flat floor,side-located gearshift devices and suspension pedal (60~70hp) ensures comfortable operation.
03. 16+8 shuttle-type shift gearbox and optional 16+8 creeper gearboxes to meet different working requirements.
04. Germany LUK 11"or 12"dual-stage clutch with big torque reserve ratio can be operated independently.
05. Advanced and reliable Italian CARRARO front driving axle.
06. Hydraulic steering system is adopted for convenient operation.
07. Comfortable sealed cab with optional air-conditioner, acoustics, cell-phone charger and lighter etc; glass doors and windows expend eyeshot.
08. Independent offering system of hydraulic oil for reliable operation.
09. Adjustable wheels distance for more comfortable driving.

Optional Equipment
High Intensity Lifter 
Towing equipment 
2-way Hyd. Output Valve 
Pneumatic Braking equipment 
Front ballast/Rear Ballast 

Technical Specifications:

Tractor ModelTD820 Tractor
FT820 Tractor
Foton820 Tractor
TD824 Tractor
FT824 Tractor
Foton824 Tractor
TD900 Tractor
FT900 Tractor
Foton900 Tractor
TD904 Tractor
FT904 Tractor
Foton904 Tractor
Drive type4x24x44x24x4
Engine modelFout-cylinder,Supercharge
Capacity of fuel tank(L/Gal)150(33)
Engine power at rated speed KW@rpm60.3@240066@2400
PTO power at rated speed KW@rpm54@240059.4@2400
ClutchIndepenendent ,Dry ,Dual-stage type
PTO Speed (rpm)540/1000
Way of gear shiftingSleeve mesh
Hydraulic system 
Hydraulic out put flux(L/min)47
Hydraulic out put valve2-way
Three-point linkage 
Category of 3-point LinkCategory Ⅱ
Lifting capacity (at point of 610mm)KN22(Common lifter)/32.25(Higher pressure lifter
Lifting capacity (origin)KN37(Common lifter)/54.6(Higher pressure lifter
Technical parameter 
Dimension (LxWxH)mm2WD:4158x2050x2510; 4WD:4530x2050x2510
Wheelbase(mm)2WD:2195; 4WD:2195/2366
Track base(mm)Front wheel2WD:1385; 1685(Usual1485); 4WD:1610
Track base(mm)Front wheel1620-2020(Usual1620)
The smallest clearance(mm)2WD:420; 4WD:379
Front Tires2WD:6.5-20; 4WD:11.2-24/12.4-24
Rear Tires2WD:14.9-30/16.9-34; 4WD:16.9-34/18.4-30/13.6-38
Note: The specifications are subject to change without notice.

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End of TD824 Tractor(FT824 Tractor|Foton824 Tractor ) 4WD 82HP

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