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Foton Series Tractor Export Dept.
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Foton Tractors(FT Tractors/Lovol tractors) made in China

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Foton Tractors(FT Tractors/Lovol tractors) made in China

Foton tractor,a series tractors appeared in the Chinese tractor market in 2000. It adopts new advanced technology in the world and provide a range of tractors from 20hp to 125hp.
Foton tractors are with foldable ROPs, spring seat for comfortable outdoor jobs, safe cabin with hot and air conditioning,Perkins engine,etc and all kinds of implements for you choice. canopy,turf tyre , air braking , sunshade , multi-way valve ,creeper,etc are optional.

Perkins engine model:
Foton 60 series, Perkins 1004-4TR or perkins1004-4T EPA2,Foton 80 series, Perkins 1004-4TR,Foton1254, Perkins1006-6T.

Foton Tractors(FT Tractors/Lovol tractors)

1.E-Mark, EPA and Gost certified
2.Perkins engine available
3.with Engine power from 20hp-145hp
4.2-wheel drive type or 4-wheel drive type

Tractor Model Number:

Foton204 Tractor/FT204 Tractor/TE204 Tractor/Lovol204 Tractor
Foton254 Tractor/FT254 Tractor/TE254 Tractor/Lovol254 Tractor
Foton250 Tractor/FT250 Tractor/TE250 Tractor/Lovol250 Tractor
Foton350 Tractor/FT350 Tractor/TB350 Tractor/Lovol350 Tractor
Foton354 Tractor/FT354 Tractor/TB354 Tractor/Lovol354 Tractor
Foton600 Tractor/FT600 Tractor/TA600 Tractor/Lovol600 Tractor
Foton604 Tractor/FT604 Tractor/TA604 Tractor/Lovol604 Tractor
Foton820 Tractor/FT820 Tractor/TD820 Tractor/Lovol820 Tractor
Foton824 Tractor/FT824 Tractor/TD824 Tractor/Lovol824 Tractor
Foton1454 Tractor/FT1454 Tractor/TG1454 Tractor/Lovol1454 Tractor
Foton1254 Tractor/FT1254 Tractor/TF1254 Tractor/Lovol1254 Tractor
Foton1054 Tractor/FT1054 Tractor/TF1054 Tractor/Lovol1054 Tractor
Foton1254 Tractor/FT1254 Tractor/TG1254 Tractor/Lovol1254 Tractor
Foton284 Tractor/FT284 Tractor/TE284 Tractor/Lovol284 Tractor
Foton280 Tractor/FT280 Tractor/TE280 Tractor/Lovol280 Tractor
Foton304 Tractor/FT304 Tractor/TE304 Tractor/Lovol304 Tractor
Foton300 Tractor/FT300 Tractor/TE300 Tractor/Lovol300 Tractor
Foton320 Tractor/FT320 Tractor/TE320 Tractor/Lovol320 Tractor
Foton324 Tractor/FT324 Tractor/TE324 Tractor/Lovol324 Tractor
Foton400 Tractor/FT400 Tractor/TB400 Tractor/Lovol400 Tractor
Foton404 Tractor/FT404 Tractor/TB404 Tractor/Lovol404 Tractor
Foton450 Tractor/FT450 Tractor/TB450 Tractor/Lovol450 Tractor
Foton454 Tractor/FT454 Tractor/TB454 Tractor/Lovol454 Tractor
Foton500 Tractor/FT500 Tractor/TB500 Tractor/Lovol500 Tractor
Foton504 Tractor/FT504 Tractor/TB504 Tractor/Lovol504 Tractor
Foton550 Tractor/FT550 Tractor/TB550 Tractor/Lovol550 Tractor
Foton554 Tractor/FT554 Tractor/TB554 Tractor/Lovol554 Tractor
Foton600 Tractor/FT600 Tractor/TB600 Tractor/Lovol600 Tractor
Foton604 Tractor/FT604 Tractor/TB604 Tractor/Lovol604 Tractor
Foton650 Tractor/FT650 Tractor/TA650 Tractor/Lovol650 Tractor
Foton654 Tractor/FT654 Tractor/TA654 Tractor/Lovol654 Tractor
Foton700 Tractor/FT700 Tractor/TA700 Tractor/Lovol700 Tractor
Foton704 Tractor/FT704 Tractor/TA704 Tractor/Lovol704 Tractor
Foton750 Tractor/FT750 Tractor/TA750 Tractor/Lovol750 Tractor
Foton754 Tractor/FT754 Tractor/TA754 Tractor/Lovol754 Tractor
Foton800 Tractor/FT800 Tractor/TA800 Tractor/Lovol800 Tractor
Foton804 Tractor/FT804 Tractor/TA804 Tractor/Lovol804 Tractor
Foton900 Tractor/FT900 Tractor/TD900 Tractor/Lovol900 Tractor
Foton904 Tractor/FT904 Tractor/TD904 Tractor/Lovol904 Tractor

For more details, pls keep in touch with us.

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End of Foton Tractors(FT Tractors/Lovol tractors) made in China

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